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Juan Rezzuto

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Future Events

Date Time Location Details

May 17th
7:30pm ST CUTHBERT'S CHURCH, EARLS COURT JUAN REZZUTO - PIANO RECITAL Haydn, Mozart & Chopin in London https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/classical-concerts-london-by-wkmt

Previous Events

Date Time Location Details

Jun 10th
12:00pm ST CUTHBERT'S CHURCH, EARLS COURT Attending piano concerts can be a valuable and enriching experience for individuals who appreciate music, particularly piano music. Here are some reasons why attending piano concerts can be important: Exposure to a variety of music: Attending piano concerts allows you to hear a wide range of music and discover new pieces and composers you may not have heard before. Appreciation of live performances: Piano concerts allow you to appreciate the nuances and subtleties of a live performance, such as the way a performer interprets a piece, the dynamics, and the emotions conveyed through the music. Learning opportunity: You can learn a lot from attending piano concerts, such as different playing styles, techniques, and musical interpretations. You may also gain insights into the history and cultural context of the pieces being performed. Social experience: Attending piano concerts can be a social experience and an opportunity to connect with others who share your appreciation for music. Support for artists: By attending piano concerts, you are supporting and encouraging the art of piano music and helping to ensure that it continues to thrive. Overall, attending piano concerts can be an important and rewarding experience for anyone who enjoys music and wants to learn more about it. More info at: https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/wkmt-london-music-festivals

Jun 18th
1:00pm ST CUTHBERT'S CHURCH, EARLS COURT X London Piano Festival by WKMT Students of all levels and ages are welcome to perform in our festival in London. More info at: https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/wkmt-london-music-festivals

Aug 21st
9:00pm Mondonedo Cathedral, Spain 27740 Haydn piano concerto Hob XVIII 3 by Juan Rezzuto https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/

Jul 10th
12:00pm ST CUTHBERT'S CHURCH, EARLS COURT WKMT London Piano Festival 10th July 2021 from 11 am to 4 pm. Students' Concert in London. More info at: https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/wkmt-london-music-festivals

Oct 3rd
6:30pm ST CUTHBERT'S CHURCH, EARLS COURT HAYDN PIANO CONCERTO IN F by Juan Rezzuto HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to Covid-19 rate increased in the UK. London, 3Rd October 2020 from 6.30pm https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/classical-concerts-london-by-wkmt

Mar 28th
6:30pm St Cuthbert's church, SW5 9EB London THIS CONCERT HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO THE CURRENT SITUATION WITH CORONAVIRUS. Sorry about this, https://piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/classical-concerts-london-by-wkmt HAYDN PIANO CONCERTO Hob XVIII:7 by Juan Rezzuto MOZART VIOLIN CONCERTO No 1 by Paola Delucchi Both accompanied by WKMT Orchestra

Sep 28th
6:30pm St Cuthbert's church, SW5 9EB London https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/classical-concerts-london-by-wkmt WKMT Organises a new performance of Haydn piano and violin concerto in F Major Hob XVIII:6 for September 28th from 6.30pm. Juan Rezzuto and Paola Delucchi together for this beautiful concerto in London. Do not miss it out! Book your tickets soon through WKMT. secretariat@wkmt.co.uk +442071014479

Jun 15th
10:30am St Cuthbert's church, SW5 9EB London WKMT IX PIANO FESTIVAL in London Our new edition of our successful piano festivals is almost here. On the 15th June from 10.30 am in the beautiful St Cuthbert's Philbeach Gardens, Earls Court, London. Join us for a fantastic all day long filled with music performances of all types. Drinks and food will be served in our catering for everyone. Find more info by using this link: https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/wkmt-london-music-festivals

Apr 27th
7:00pm St Cuthbert's church, SW5 9EB London Corelli, Handel and Purcell Arias, Sonatas and Suites performed by our Baroque Ensemble. Event organised by WKMT London. Join us on the 27th in St Cuthbert's church, London. https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/classical-concerts-london-by-wkmt

Mar 30th
6:30pm St Cuthbert's church, Earls Court, London SW5 9EB Maestro J. Rezzuto plays Haydn. The famous argentinian concert pianist is back to London to perform the famous Haydn piano concerto in G Hob XVIII:4. Accompanied by WKMT Ensemble, we will make this Saturday evening a date to remember. Join us on March 30th from 6.15pm in St Cuthbert's church. More info and tickets: https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/classical-concerts-london-by-wkmt

Jan 26th
6:15pm SW5 9EB St Cuthbert's church, London Corelli pieces played with Harpsichord and violin Schuman pieces played on a piano duo https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/classical-concerts-london-by-wkmt

Dec 8th
5:00pm Christmas Piano Concerts Christmas Concert by WKMT London Join us on the 8th December at 5 pm in St. Cuthbert's church, Earls Court, London. Haydn piano concerto in C Major, Petite Suite by Debussy and Christmas Carols with our Children Orchestra. For more info and Book your tickets through our link: https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/classical-concerts-london-by-wkmt

Nov 17th
12:00pm Pushkin House, Holborn, London The VIII Edition of our Music Festivals is almost here. The perfect chance for our students to perform in front of an audience while being recorded professionally. In case you love piano and music, and you would like to perform what you do, do not hesitate to join us and having a professional portfolio in a stunning venue in central London. As guests, join us too and enjoy a beautiful Saturday surrounded by music, art, catering and interesting coversations. More info at: https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/wkmt-london-music-festivals

Oct 13th
5:00pm St. Cuthbert's Philbeach Gardens, London UK Maestro Juan Rezzuto performing Haydn Piano concerto XVIII:2 accompanied by WKMT London Orchestra https://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/classical-concerts-london-by-wkmt

Jun 16th
6:00pm St. Cuthbert's Philbeach Gardens, London UK Two magnificent Argentinian pianos showing two faces of the same passionate coin. Tango VD Argentinian Folk Music

May 12th
11:00am Pushkin House - London VII WKMT London Music Festival
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