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Rupert J

Name: Rupert J
Location: San Jose, CA
United States 95111
Contact: Piano Lessons.
Reading Left Hand Notes,
No Mas!

Have you ever dreamed of being able to play the piano? Do you want to be the life
of the party? Do you want to have a girl to like you? Be proficient enough to play a Love song for her! Do you feel you are too old, too late in life to learn how to play the piano or keyboard?

What does it take? Years of learning! You need to learn to both play the melody on your right hand as well as on your left hand. What does it take? Years of learning, practice and memorization, pages and pages just for one melody

Anyway, is there an easier way? I want to teach you how, the easy, quick way!

Have you seen Jazz pianists playing a melody on a single sheet of paper called ‘Lead Sheet’. Just single notes for the melody (played on the right hand) plus chords strategically placed on various parts of the song. No left hand notes to worry about! You see the pianist doing all sorts of things with both hands playing (equivalent to what a full orchestra or a band is doing for a song). Just one page or less that will be equivalent to several pages done in a traditional way containing the melody, decorations on the right hand plus accompanying rhythm for the left hand.

I offer a way to do this. Learn to instantaneously play chords, spreading it to the melody played with your right hand simultaneously creating a rhythm on you left hand, again based on that chord you are currently playing. KISS => Keep it SIMPLE!!! But not stupid just plain SMART! You can condense years of learning to just a few weeks or even months if you want to be good at playing the shorter easier way!

You never have to get to be stuck with your piano teacher. Learn the alphabet (26 letters vs. 7 letters for the piano: A, B, C, D E, F, G), learn words, create sentences, paragraphs. Then you will be confident to make speeches and/or create novels on your own. Same concept, I would like to teach you on the piano!

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